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Arlene Shapiro

SVP, Royalties & Income Tracking

Arlene Shapiro has been with Shout! since 2007 and excels in her current role as Senior Vice President of Royalties and Income Tracking. She built and continues to lead an incredibly capable department that deals with the growing demands of our business as they compile and administer royalty payments to hundreds of program licensors and royalty recipients from studios, producers, independents, and talent. Arlene coordinates and executes Shout!'s response to the ever-growing range of rights, deal structures, and licensor relationships that a multiplatform entertainment company must contend with. She ensures that revenue is being properly disclosed and maintains our royalty systems to allow correct and effective reporting.

Arlene started her career in entertainment at Chameleon Records as an esteemed Finance Grunt. From there, she went on to work as a royalty manager at EMI-Capitol, and when that department moved out of state, she opted for a job at Rhino Records. After becoming an integral piece of Rhino Records and Warner Music group for over 10 years, she followed her Rhino mentors to Shout! Factory. Arlene is a graduate of UC San Diego, a proud LA native, and a devoted heavy metal fan.

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