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Company Culture

John Carpenter Godzilla Day Shoot photo of employees and talent
Employees Lew Dryfoos, Melissa Boag, Brandie Chernow, and Tom Chen at The Magic Flute Premiere
Ultraman cosplayers at Shout's booth at Anime Expo

We are proud of the culture we’ve built at Shout! Studios and the people who work here. So you may ask yourself: what is it like to work at Shout! Studios? The short answer: It’s great! And it’s great in large part because of our company culture. It’s the kind of place that believes no matter what we have been hired to do, we are not limited to or by our job descriptions. In fact, we know that each of our employees is more than just a person hired to do a job.

We’re fans: we care about the products we release. We’re good citizens: we care about our community and our world. We’re friends: we help and respect each other. We’re parents: we push each other to be more successful. We’re family: we may sometimes be slightly dysfunctional, but not in an unhealthy way! And because of this, our company culture is truly a special one. It’s one where we have each other’s back. One where it’s not so scary to give constructive criticism to each other. One where we celebrate our successes and acknowledge our failures. One where the benefits are both traditional (like health insurance) and not (like monthly guided meditation sessions). And one that encourages collaboration, creativity, hard work and compassion. It’s a place we work, but it’s not a workplace.

Getting away from the office can mean working at San Diego Comic-Con, movie premieres, or other live production environments. From John Carpenter to Ultraman, you never know who you'll meet!

Vickie Whatley smiling
Shout Employees outside the office in 2023
Jimmy Lee toasting at a company event

Core Values

Our core values tell you who we are as individuals and as a company. The values of Aspire, Create, Achieve, Respect, and Serve were inspired by the wonderful qualities of people with whom we have had the pleasure of working. By sharing and promoting these values, we know we will attract partners and employees who share them and ensure that the culture we’ve created will continue to thrive.

We would like to acknowledge the essential contributions of Vickie Whatley, our former head of Human Resources, and Jimmy Lee, our former Senior Royalties Manager. Vickie led the effort to formalize and build initiatives around our core values. Her knowledge and warmth left an indelible mark on the culture of the company and how we strive to treat employees, partners, and fans. Jimmy was the heart and soul of volunteerism and his smile a highlight of any workday. The joy he brought to those around him was undeniable. Although Vickie and Jimmy are no longer with us, their legacy will live on.

A light bulb emitting light


Dream Big; Pursue Growth; Be the Best

A head with thought bubble


Be Open-Minded; Reimagine What Is Possible; Welcome Change

A person holding a target with an arrow in the bullseye


Work Hard; Own the Results; Make It Great, then Make It Greater

Two hands shaking, forming a heart shape


Value Those Around You; Make Each Other Better; Embrace Our Differences

Three hands raised in the air


Do Right By Our Fans and Partners; Give Back to the Community; Make the World a Better Place

Shout employees posing in a group after volunteering at LA Kitchen
Shout employees volunteering at LA Kitchen 2018
Shout employees volunteering with Big Sunday in 2019

Community Service

At Shout! Studios, we believe in making a difference. As a company and as individuals, we give back to our local and global community through volunteer hours and fundraising efforts. We have incorporated a company-wide Day of Service where we select a non-profit organization and volunteer as a group one day a year. We promote volunteerism among of employees by offering a community service program where employees are awarded with paid time off if they donate a minimum of 16 hours of their own time to a non-profit of their choice.


But don't just take our word for it! Visit our company at LinkedIn and Glassdoor to learn more about what others think about Shout! Studios.

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