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Head Count

Directed By
Ben Burghart, Jacob Burghart
Written By
Ben Burghart, Jacob Burghart, Josh Doke
Aaron Jakubenko, Melanie Zanetti, Ryan Kwanten

Head Count

A gun is pointed to Kat's head. It's his gun ... or at least it was after he escaped a chain gang and stole it. Luckily for him, it's not fully loaded. But how many bullets are left? He can't quite remember. And now, with an unknown assailant pulling the trigger, Kat is forced to recall exactly what happened to each bullet.

As the empty rounds click away, memories of wild animal attacks and run-ins with an impulsive police officer, a down-to- earth arms dealer, and his ex-lover come flooding back. As the pressure mounts, Kat must figure out how many rounds are left and try to devise a plan to escape ... one more time. Aaron Jakubenko (Spartacus), Melanie Zanetti (Love And Monsters), and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) deliver riveting performances in this suspense-filled thriller.

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