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Battle Over Britain

Directed By
Callum Burn
Written By
Andrew Burn, Callum Burn
Vin Hawke, Tom Gordon, Arnold Voysey, Chris Clynes, Micky David, Hannah Harris

Battle Over Britain

Against overwhelming odds, they will fight to the last man.

At the height of World War II, a handful of exhausted Spitfire pilots fight to the last man in defense of their country in this spectacular, brand-new drama from the producers of Lancaster Skies and Spitfire Over Berlin.

A young pilot, fresh out of training, is called to join a flight while they wait for the order to scramble. Throughout a single day, the skies of southern England are filled with deadly dog fights, and after every exhausting battle, the pilots return to the dispersal hut only to find another of their number missing. In a thrilling climax, the airfield comes under direct attack and the men take off once again, ascending into action against fatally overwhelming odds.